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How to travel from Yangon to Inle Lake

Yangon to Inle Lake by train

“How far is it from Yangon to Inle Lake” and “How to travel between these two destinations” are the two most common questions of those who are planning to visit them. Indochina tours Myanamar

How far is it from Yangon to Inle Lake? The answer is different depending on what means of transport you choose to go with. If you go by private taxi, it would take around 7-9 hours to cover the distance of approximately 650km from Yangon to Inle Lake. There are many other options for how to go from Yangon to Inle Lake as it is one of the most popular tourist routes. How to travel from Yangon to Inle Lake? From Yangon to Inle Lake by train  

Yangon to Inle Lake by train

Yangon to Inle Lake by train- source: internet

If you choose to travel by train from Yangon to Inle Lake, you will have to experience a long, slow and uncomfortable train journey. Therefore, it is the least recommended way to travel. It is strongly advisable to only do the Kalaw-Inle Lake section, as this is already a bumpy 5 hour train ride if you really want to have the train experience in Burma. From Yangon to Inle Lake by bus

Bus from Yangon to Inle Lake

Bus from Yangon to Inle Lake- source: internet

Traveling by bus from Yangon to Inle Lake should be the best choice. You will go on high quality yet comfortable and budget friendly VIP buses. It is possible to travel overnight in a leather reclining seat with a blanket, free toothpaste and toothbrush, boiled sweets, a face wipe, vomit bags, shortbread cookies, eucalyptus oil on the 10 hour journey from Yangon to Inle Lake for about USD $18. ho chi minh to phnom penh by boat With bus leaving at 6.30 PM and arriving at 4.30 AM (the next day), the bus time from Yangon to Kalaw takes approximately 10 hours. If you decide to go all the way to Inle Lake on the same bus, add an extra couple of hours plus a winding road. To have more information about this amazing bus ride and find out the most suitable bus, don’t forget to read these articles of all experienced travelers. Enjoy this bus ride and you may have one of the most memorable experiences in Myanmar! Bus Service There are at least two drivers and two attendants on board to make sure your journey is joyous as its name describes. The attendant will make sure you are buckled in, give you heavy blankets and get on the microphone to welcome passengers in both English and Burmese. The bus will stop roadside shortly after getting underway so food can be brought on. From Yangon to Inle Lake by flight Heho Airport, which is about 46km north west of Inle Lake, is the local airport for Inle Lake. There are many daily flights between Yangon and this airport. Though the total flight time is approximately 1.5 hours, make sure to account for the time needed to spend either sides going to these destinations. In Yangon, it may take you 60 minutes to travel from the airport to the city center. On the other end, as Inle Lake or Ngaung Shwe as it is quite far away from Heho, you will need to take a local bus or taxi to reach your final destination. It is no surprise that going by airplane is the most expensive way to do this journey.

Yangon Airways to Heho

Yangon Airways to Heho- source: internet

Air KBZ, Yangon Airways, Golden Myanmar Airlines, Myanmar National Airlines, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines and FMI Air are offering flights from Yangon to Heho. Depending on the airline you will travel with, the flight ticket price is from USD $98 to USD $135 with FMI Air being the highest one and Yangon Airways being the lowest one. It takes 45 minutes and costs around K 30,000 to go by taxi on the journey from Heho to Nyaung Shwe (the main town of the Inle Lake area). Booking your taxi in advance through your hotel and you may be able to save money. Pick-up trucks or buses are cheaper options but are far less convenient. With these options, you will be picked up from the town of Heho, which is about 3 kilometers south east of Heho airport. See more:


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