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Laos’ traditional clothes in wedding
Traditional costume not only represents cultural beauty of each country, but also the symbol enhancing beauty of local people. Nowadays, Western clothes are more comfortable and convenient. Therefore, people usually wear modern clothes in daily life. However, traditional clothes are still favorite costumes of Southeast Asian in festive seasons. This article would introduce traditional clothes of Laos. Let’s explore with: Indochina tours Laos

Traditional clothes of Laos

Traditional clothes of Laos- source: internet

Since ancient times, in each village, Laotians have been self-sufficient in blanket and fabric. When they did not have dye, they took fruits in the forests to create color for fabric. Until now, the girls in Laos still like to wear flowers, colorful fabrics like the color of the nature. However, they also choose the type of dress or trousers which are convenient and suitable for different seasons or occasions such as festivals, work, funerals, weddings…

The young people

In this country, the youngster usually cut short hair, they wear short-sleeved and round-neck dress, shorts and wrap scarf. If they go to the field, doing farming, they wear indigo shorts or trousers. And on the solemn holidays they wear distinctive dress of each clan. The boys often wrap a narrow and colorful scarf around thighs or chest. In Laotians’ opinion, when they go to the festivals, young people may wear old clothes but they are not allowed to wear short clothes because it means lack of respect with community and traditional ritual of Laos. Normally men in Laos often wear rings, some localities in Southern Laos, men wear chains. Tours in Laos

Laos’ traditional clothes in wedding

Laos’ traditional clothes in wedding- source: internet


Laotian men often cut their short hair, wear shorts, wrap a long scarf outside called sarong, often tattoos on their wrists and animals on their thigh.


As for Laos women, at young age they can have their hair cut or short hair. But over the age of ten, they usually grow their hair and have hair bun. From ancient times to the present, Lao women often wear skirts. Traditionally, Laos women’s skirts are not either too short or too long. If anyone does not wear the right skirt, they would be considered as not righteous, contrary to traditional dress of Laos women.

When women work or go weeding, gathering in the forest, they usually wear long sleeves which are dyed black or brown. Older people wrap scarves around their heads. In the festival, women also wear traditional clothes. They wear silk skirts and short-sleeved shirts which are patterned with flower and bird. Going to the festival, Lao girls love to wear jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, gold or silver rings. But the most common are earrings and belt, which are the memories parents have been shopping since childhood for the girls. Along with the costume, another important part is the head scarf. Depending on different localities, Laotian women use different headscarves.

Depending on different localities, Laotian women use different headscarves

Depending on different localities, Laotian women use different headscarves- source: internet

The article above share some interesting information about traditional clothes of Laos people. Traveling to Laos, visitors would have conditions to experience and explore beautiful culture of Laos in general and have the chance to try traditional clothes of Laos in particular.

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