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Top dishes to try before leaving Vientiane

Laap in Laos
Vientiane-the Laos capital city is the convergent point of this lovely country’s quintessential cuisine. Coming to Vientiane, travelers can not only take delight in wonderful views but also enjoy mouthwatering traditional dishes. Hereunder are the top dishes you must try before leaving Vientiane. Travel to Vientiane with: Indochina tours to Laos

  1. Larb
Laap in Laos

Laap in Laos- source: internet

There are many travelers having tried their first Larb in Thailand and considering it as a must-eat dish there, however, not many know that the origin of this cuisine is from Laos. They can use many kinds of meat like beef, duck, chicken, fish or pork to make Larb – a minced meat salad. They can stir-fry meat without or with little water then mix them up with lime juice, mint leaves, minced red hot pepper and special flour. And it is this special flour that is the secret step to create the unique flavor of larb. Firstly, rice must be roasted until it turns into deep yellow and smell good then grinded by a rice-pounding pestle in such a way that at the same time, the roasted rice is not too gritty but not too smooth. All the ingredients used to make larb create an incredible taste that can bewitch every single diner. Laos travel tours

Where to go for larb: Lao Kitchen restaurant

  • Address: No 140/01, Unit 15, Rue Hengboun, Baan Anou, Vientiane, Laos
  • Opening time: 11.00 AM – 10.00 PM
  1. Tam mak hoong
Tam mak hoong

Tam mak hoong- source: internet

Tam mak hoong is a unique version of hot papaya salad of Laotians. Although sharing some similarities with Thai Song Tam, this dish still possesses its own flavor. The locals curette unripe papaya into fibers and then cursorily bray. Finally they add some palm sugar, chopped garlic, red hot pepper, shrimp pate, lime juice then stir all of these things together with crushed peanuts on top. The locals usually enjoy tam mak houng as the appetizer as the salty, sweet, hot, sour tastes of this dish will rouse the taste of your tongue.

Where to go for tam mak hoong: 3 Sister Restaurant (Han Sam Euay Nong)

  • Address: The restaurant is on the side street next to Wat Chan temple (Chao Anou road) and few meter from night market.
  • Opening time: 11.00 AM -10.00 PM
  1. Laos Sausage
Laos sausage

Laos sausage- source: internet

Laos is well known for grilled dishes and it is easy to find skewers of chicken, beef, pork and fish in any markets or restaurants. Besides these grilled dishes, Laos sausage or sai gog is also a favorite food of not only the Laotians but also the international travelers.

Most of these local sausages are homemade. The local vendors usually hang sausage in rows at their backyard and dry sausage by taking the advantage of the sunshine. Even though there are many versions of Laos sausage with different kinds of meat, sausage made of minced pork and citronella, which is well seasoned, is the most popular version and the most beloved version of the foreigners. The foreigners like to enjoy sausage with bread while the locals eat it with cooked rice.

Where to go: Sai Oua – Laos sausage stalls

  • Address: Vangthong Evening Food Market, Boulevard Khounboulom
  • Opening time: 5.00 PM-10.00 PM
  1. Lao Barbecue (sin dad)
Sin dad

Sin dad- source: internet

Sin dad is a unique dish that is quite popular in Thailand and Laos. At the first time seeing this food, you might find it is so curious. Sin dad is something like the cooperation of grilled stove and hot pot at the same time. And one amazing thing is that you can serve and enjoy this dish by yourself. On the middle of your table is placed a charcoal stove and a special pot with some plates of raw beef, pork or chicken, vegetable, some noodles, a bottle a broth, tofu, mushroom together with some local spices like red hot pepper, pepper, chili sauce, lime and fish sacue. Thus, diners can dip whatever ingredients they like into broth by themselves and also season the broth in their way which is pleasant to taste or grill them. Having Sin dad can be an awesome experience during your trip to Vientiane.

Where to go: Labieng Lom Restaurant

  • Add: No 218 Unit 11 / Nogsanokham Village, Vientiane
  • Opening time: 10.30 AM – 2.00 PM and 4.30 AM – 10.30 PM

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