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Laos sticky rice is served with grilled chicken

Mystical Laos always bring surprise to visitors when they travel here. Laos is well-known for a plenty of hundred-year-old towers that has been standing still through the times, thousands of Buddha statues or historical relics… Particularly, among the unique specialties of Laos, it’s sticky rice that attracts international food lovers to remember about Laos cuisine.

How to survive in Laos in rainy season

Laos in rainy season

When planning a trip to Laos, the weather should be one of the first thing you need to care about. Visiting Laos during its rainy season might be much more challenging than traveling in Cambodia or Thailand but might hide amazing things as well. Travel to Laos with: Travel Laos and Indochina Laos’ weather in

10 reasons why visiting Laos is popular

Kuang Si Waterfall

Despite being a small country in Southeast Asia, Laos still attracts many visitors with its own distinctive features. Today, Laos tourism has become an ideal destination for many travelers because this land owning many unique architecture and pretty natural scenery. Let’s find out reasons why you will love traveling in Laos below: Travel to Laos

Top dishes to try before leaving Vientiane

Laap in Laos

Vientiane-the Laos capital city is the convergent point of this lovely country’s quintessential cuisine. Coming to Vientiane, travelers can not only take delight in wonderful views but also enjoy mouthwatering traditional dishes. Hereunder are the top dishes you must try before leaving Vientiane. Travel to Vientiane with: Indochina tours to Laos Larb There are many

Boun Khao Phansa

Boun Khao Phansa

Boun Khao Phansa marks the beginning of Buddhist Lent, which lasts from July until October. It is the traditional three month “rains retreat” during which Buddhist monks are expected to stay in their own temple to study the Buddha’s teaching as well as meditating. They are not allowed to travel anywhere or revert to being