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Green rice fields – exceptional scenery to remember in Laos

Laos’ green fields - exceptional scenery to remember

In spite of not being typical like the terraced fields in Sapa in the Northern Vietnam, those in Laos still have their own charms. Do you want to feast your own eyes with all these beautiful green rice paddies in this land of a million elephants and jump into the fields? Why don’t you hesitate

What you need to know about shopping in Laos


Laos is such an ideal place for those who are interested in purchasing elaborate handicrafts. Dominating the market are arts, crafts, hill-tribe silks, jewellery, home-furnishings as well as couture quality textiles. You are invariably helping to support a still-growing and fragile economy by buying traditional crafts such as carvings and silks. You can see: Indochina

Imprint of sacred temples in Luang Prabang

Buddhism was introduced to Laos in the early periods

As time passes, the history of Laos undergoes many changes, but ancient temples have not only disappeared but also existed and developed until this day. This is clear demonstration to the fact that the value of Dharma seems to have become a crucial element in shaping human values in this country, no matter who they