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How to survive in Laos in rainy season

Laos in rainy season
When planning a trip to Laos, the weather should be one of the first thing you need to care about. Visiting Laos during its rainy season might be much more challenging than traveling in Cambodia or Thailand but might hide amazing things as well. Travel to Laos with: Travel Laos and Indochina
Laos’ weather in rainy season

Laos in rainy season

Laos in rainy season- source: internet

Rainy season is the time to experience a river cruise to explore Pakse and the 4000 Islands of southern Laos. However, since rainy season is also the time of year when footpaths may be slippery and the Nam Song River flows at its highest speed, take extra care if you head off in search of adventure among Vang Vieng’s limestone karsts in the Northern area. If you have a chance to visit Luang Prabang in September or October, you may be lucky enough to watch the dragon boat racing taking place on the Nam Khan River.

Following these months of rain, the lush green countryside around Muang La and Vang Vieng is at its most picturesque in September.

How to survive in Laos in rainy season

Take advantage of boat route instead of traveling overland

Rainy season is the best time for a slow boat ride

Rainy season is the best time for a slow boat ride- source: internet

When the rains come, rivers are high, the slow boats can make better pace and the boat routes are in full swing so do not forget to take advantage. Undoubtedly, the best route to get to Luang Prabang during rainy season is the 2-day slow boat journey on the Mekong River from the Chiang Kong (Thailand) / Huay Xai (Laos) border. However, unfortunately, due to the dam construction, it is no longer possible to travel by boat from Luang Prabang to Nong Khiaw on the Nam Ou River. But, you can still journey between Muang Khua and Nong Khiaw or travel upriver from Nong Khiaw to Ban Sopjam or Muang Ngoi for something shorter if you want to experience the Nam Ou River. Laos holidays

A chance to get good lodging deals

Partially because of the wet season–it seems like every other hotel will be running a promotion to fill its rooms, you might be lucky enough to get some good lodging deals that you cannot find in any other months.

Be prepared for unexpected climate

What to pack for Laos

What to pack for Laos- source: internet

It may be best to reschedule if you do not want to risk ending up soaked though there is no exactly predicting about what your trip will look like. Therefore, it is wise to pack not too much but enough. Lightweight clothing of natural fibers, umbrella or light raincoat and a light sweater for the evening are must-items for those who are traveling all over the country and at low altitude; add a light jacket and a sweatshirt if you visit these places above 1,000 meters (3,300 feet); sweater, raincoat, warm clothes, hiking shoes for the highest peaks.

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