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Northern Thai Dishes To Try

Naam Prik Noom

Indicative of the region’s seasonal and relatively cool climate, Northern Thai food is a world away from the dishes you have probably had at your local Thai restaurant at home – or even in Thailand’s capital city. Indochina travel Thailand


Nam Prik Ong (Spicy Tomato And Pork Chili Dip)

Nam Prik Ong


Made with ground pork, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, red peppers (not the tiny chilies) and garlic, Nam Prik Ong is served at nearly every Khantoke dinner. Before being cooked, all has to be meticulously blended together. Thai enjoy this dish with sliced cabbage leaves and cucumbers.

Kaeb Moo (Crispy Pork Rind)

Kaeb Moo, which is made from pork rind, fried with crushed whole coriander stalks, salt, garlic and clove, is a favorite appetizer in the Northern Thailand. There are two types of Kaeb Moo – triple pork or only pork skin. How to eat this dish? It is served with Khanom Jeen or you can take the rind, a small ball of sticky rice, dip it in the Nam Prik Ong.

Moo Yor (Steamed Ground Pork)

Made from ground pork, flour and seasonings, Moo Yor is served as appetizer in all Khantoke dinners. Moo Yor is a steamed ground pork salad of coriander leaves, pickled garlic, lime, lecture, onion and of course, chilies squeezed then wrapped in banana leaves with tantalizing flavor and aroma. Nothing can beat this salad on a hot day.

Nam Prik Noom (Northern Thai Pounded Roasted Chili Dip)

Naam Prik Noom

Naam Prik Noom- source: internet

Made from young, long, light green chilies, this chili paste is wet, thick and fibrous, as a result of pounding a mixture of garlic, tomatoes, roasted chilies, shallots as well as other ingredients together. Due to these ingredients, it is hot, salty and sweet. It is best to enjoy nam prik noon with sticky rice, kaeb moo and boiled/fresh vegetables. Thailand travel tours

Quick Dishes

Chicken Curry Noodle

Made with rich milky curry broth, yellow noodles and topped with crispy fried noodles, Kao-Soy is one of the most famous noodle dishes eaten at midday. A side dish served with Kao-Soy includes small red onion, pickled cabbage and lemon sliced.

Khanom Jeen Nam Ngeow (Thai-style Bolognese and Pork-Tomato Curry)

Khanom Jeen Nam Ngeow

Khanom Jeen Nam Ngeow- source: internet

Most likely having its origins in the Shan communities of northern Thailand, khanom jeen nam ngeow is handmade noodle curry served with fresh vegetables such as: water mimosa, bean sprouts and soy bean typically found alongside the popular khao soi at northern Thai noodle stalls. The pork-tomato curry is a mixture of ground pork, spare ribs, tomatoes, bean curd, spices, and lemon.

To make the broth, pork or sometimes beef is simmered in a mixture including halved cherry tomatoes, a spice paste and dried herbs. Ranging from minced pork to chopped spareribs, the meat combines with the spice paste to create a rich, meaty and often pretty oily stew. Not only making this dish more colorful and attractive, the tomatoes also give a counterpart of acidity. The noodles are served with broth poured over, topped with a generous amount of deep-fried crispy garlic, completed with cubes of blood, and accompanied by sides of lime, dried chilies, deep-fried until crispy, bean sprouts, pickled mustard green and thinly sliced cabbage.

Main Dishes

Gaeng Hang Lay (Northern Thai Curry)

With the base curry cooked with pork pieces and tamarind resulting in a sour and sweet flavor, gaeng hang lay is an easy-to-eat Burmese dish not made with chilly peppers. If you want to enjoy this curry at the full flavor, remember to scoop up a bite size meat chunk with curry and a ball of sticky rice.

Gaeng Kare (Yellow Vegetable Curry)

Gaeng Kare

Gaeng Kare- source: internet

Not requiring coconut cream or milk at all, the curry paste is simpler than the curry you can find in the Central Thailand. In addition to meat such as pork, chicken or beef, a combination of shrimp paste, pickled fish, garlic, shallots, salt, lemon grass and chilies is also added. The greens used in this dish are vegetables available in the north such as: Khee-Hood (northern lettuce), green tomatoes, Bamboo shoots, Parsley, Kare leaves (shaploo), Acacia, sweet basil Tumleung leaves and soy bean.

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