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MandaLao – a sweet home for elephant village in Laos

playing with elephants
No elephant riding, only elephant caring is what you will experience from MandaLao – the great ethical elephant camp locates near Luang Prabang, Laos. Among must do in Luang Prabang, visiting MandaLao is most interesting activities.

Many tourists plan to travel to Laos for an elephant riding, elephant dance or circus that are very typical tours. But if you care more about how elephants are preserved in the most natural way without riding experience, there is no hesitation to visit MandaLao – the best elephant village in Laos.

Quick things about MandaLao – elephant village in Laos

Laos has been well known as the “Land of a million elephants” in the area of Indochina region but nowadays, the real statistic shows that there are only 800 giant creatures left in this country.

Understanding the importance of extensive conservation of both captive and wild elephants, the founders and the project director of the MandaLao decided to focus on interactive activities between the mahouts, elephants and tourists whether visitors can gain more knowledge, respects in connection with the elephants living in their natural habitat.

Manda Laos sweet home for elephants

Manda Laos sweet home for elephants

The MandaLao is located just on the beautiful bank of Nam Khan River that takes you roughly 30-40 minutes by van to reach the camp. Once you are already at the main deck, you will immediately be blown away by the stunning view where your amazing journey starts.

Here are the highlights of the MandaLao that makes this project the gem of elephant day care:

    • No riding policy is followed very strictly showing how much the elephants are care for their well-being. Over the years, many elephants died because of over-working for tourists’ purposes.
    • Getting close up with the elephants by just following the elephants while they play with each other and go along through the jungle. This sounds quite boring but it is the way they do to protect the elephants to live like in the wild environment.
    • Excellent guiding throughout the trip will broaden your knowledge about how the mahouts take care of elephants with very deep connection, the way they treat animals in their illness and fun things about life of local villagers.

Activities in Mandalaos – a sweet home for elephant village in Laos

Joining with MandaLao, you can enjoy a variety of tours ranging from a half day to full day experience.The itinerary may vary depending on the type of tours you join but normally, it includes these basic activities:


After picking you up from town or your hotel we will leave Luang Prabang around 09:30 for the nearby village of Xieng Lom. Upon arrival you are invited to have coffee or tea as your guide for the day provides an in-depth introduction to elephant behavior and the ways we should interact with them.


A quick boat ride across the Nam Khan river and its time to begin the trek high up into the jungle covered hills to find your soon to be elephant companions. Make sure to pack plenty of fruit for instant friendship.


Once found your guide will instruct you on how to begin approaching and interacting with them as well as the best way to deliver your special treats.


Continuing your way through the forest will lead you to a small clearing opening up a stunning view of the surroundings. Enjoy the serenity of this place while taking a break and enjoying some traditional Lao snacks for a boost of energy


After descending back down into the valley you will reach Huay Nok stream and follow its cool waters down to the Nam Khan river.


Enjoy observing elephants from the river bank as Mahouts wash them in the Nam Khan river. Guests can experience elephants washing, swimming and playing in the water. Please note this is voluntary activity for the elephant’s and Mandalao does not force them to get in the water. (On cold days the elephant’s are less likely to want to get wet.)

Bathing for elephants

Bathing for elephants


When you get back to MandaLao, you will head to the restaurant and enjoy a delicious fresh Lao meal made from our own organically grown produce. There you can relax, kick-back, and process the day’s experiences on the veranda overlooking the river and misty mountains.


Following lunch you will take the short ride back into Luang Prabang and have one more chance to ask your guides any lingering questions. You will arrive back by approximately 2:30pm.

Guidelines for a safe and fun elephant welfare

      • Never ride an elephant. Do not use elephant for your own entertainment
      • While bathing elephants, it is better to just take a look at their mahouts who having neat relationship with them. There is also limit of small group to be in the water, one by one to keep the safe bathing time for both elephants and tourists.
      • Take a photo without using flash that can damage their sensitive eyes.
      • Feed the elephants in the right way following the mahouts’instruction to avoid the elephants to get frustrate
playing with elephants

playing with elephants

      • Keep the suitable distance of 5m if you want to take a selfie with elephant
      • Heed the mahouts who can feel if the elephants is stressed or relaxed. The more you listen to the mahouts, the more you will get along well with the elephants.
      • Though we provided the full accident insurance for all of visitors, you are strongly advised to buy your own comprehensive insurance and, in particular, to cover loss or damage to property, illness, injury

Wish you enjoy your elephant day care in Luang Prabang!

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