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Where to go in Vietnam in September

Hanoi in September

It can be said that Vietnam is a stunning country to visit at any time, however, if you are wondering about the best time to visit Vietnam, I will suggest September, when Vietnam welcomes not many travelers. Hereunder are some of the best places to visit in Vietnam in September. Travel Vietnam in September with: Vietnam travel packages


Hanoi in September

Hanoi in September- source: internet

September in Hanoi is autumn, when the fragrant Milk Flower is everywhere you go. Thanks to its beauty and romance, Hanoi in September is the inspiration for in many Vietnamese poems and songs. Milk Flower trees lining along the streets perfume the night air and create a great area of romance for couples meeting on a date. Not only the feeling of dry atmosphere, warm sunlight and cool breeze, Hanoi in September also gives you a chance to see the leaves change color as well as enjoy Cốm (young green rice). Hanoi’s stunning beauty is at its best in autumn, so if you visit Hanoi in September, you can see so many couples wearing traditional and modern wedding dress taking their wedding photo album in the old quarter, romantic roads such as Thanh Nien, Xuan Dieu, Kim Ma, etc and other beautiful sites such as the Opera House, Thong Nhat park, the cathedral. The beauty of Hanoi in September will definitely attract you. Let’s come and enjoy! Mekong delta cruises

Ho Chi Minh City

September in Saigon

September in Saigon- source: internet

September marks the end of the wet season in Ho Chi Minh City. During the wet season, which lasts from late June till September, it is quite humid and rainy with more frequent rains. Considerably more frequent yet not non-stop all day all day, rain, which usually falls in heavy showers, with sun in between, does not make it an unsuitable time to visit Saigon. If you are on a budget, September, when there are less tourists and accommodation prices tend to be cheaper, is a good bet. If you go to Saigon on Vietnam National Day (September 2nd), you can watch these colorful parades and enjoy the most exciting atmosphere.

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