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Some famous pagoda in Laos

Wat Sisaket in the sunset

Angkor Wat Sisaket Pagoda

Traveling to Laos, especially Vientiane, tourists can’t miss Wat Sisaket Pagoda. This structure still remains more than 10 Buddha statues in a lot of size and shape. Moreover, this destination is also a special library which consists of hundreds of ancient books which were written by hand on leaves. Wat Siseket Pagoda was set up on 1818 under the dynasty of King Chao Anouvong which had some same architecture features of Bangkok. It has a big campus and the roof was made by sepia- color roofing tiles. They contribute to ancient and holy atmosphere of this pagoda. Indochina tours Laos

Wat Sisaket in the sunset

Wat Sisaket in the sunset- source: internet

Wat Si Muang Pagoda

Wat Si Muang Pagoda is believed as one of the holiest pagodas in Laos. It has another name called Mother Pagoda. Having been founded in 1566, this is considered as the spirit of Laotian culture. Therefore, it is often crowded with not only local people but also foreign tourists. They travel to this destination to pray for health and happiness. Wat Si Muang Pagoda is the place of worship for a woman who sacrificed herself to help and protect local people. On Bunpimay occasion, thousands of people travel to this pagoda to be tied a yellow clew on their wrist, which is the symbol of peace. Laos tours packages

Let’s visit Wat Si Muang Pagoda in Laos

Let’s visit Wat Si Muang Pagoda in Laos- source: internet

The lists of uniquely designed pagodas in Laos- the land of million elephants are expected spiritual destinations for you to travel to. Coming here, you will have opportunity to dip into holy atmosphere and contemplate the special structures as the mentioned places. Therefore, let your soul be fresh and peaceful by visiting top pagodas in Laos.

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