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Laos sticky rice is served with grilled chicken
Mystical Laos always bring surprise to visitors when they travel here. Laos is well-known for a plenty of hundred-year-old towers that has been standing still through the times, thousands of Buddha statues or historical relics… Particularly, among the unique specialties of Laos, it’s sticky rice that attracts international food lovers to remember about Laos cuisine. To get more information, you can click: Indochina travel and Laos

Enjoy Laos sticky rice

Enjoy Laos sticky rice- source: internet

Sticky rice is the traditional food of Lao people. It is said that Lao people enjoy and eat sticky rice than normal rice and sticky rice is nearly their daily food. Every house also has a special kind of steamer for sticky rice which is used on a daily basis. In Laos, sticky rice is often displayed on the altar with Buddha statues or family home walls to worship the gods who dwell there.

Special kind of steamer for sticky rice in Laos

Special kind of steamer for sticky rice in Laos-source: internet

Legend has it that the goddess of rice devoted herself to the fire and her ash gave the villagers a good harvest. In some villages, the bones of ancestral women are kept in a small tower built amidst the paddy field of the family. Laos travel and Tours

A grain of Laos sticky rice looks long, clear white. To make a delicious sticky rice dish, Laotians do not cook the usual way, which is pouring little water on the sticky rice in the steamer. Their conventional way of cooking is wrapping sticky rice in plastic, then putting it in bamboo shoots (which quite looks like Com Lam – Bamboo rice in Vietnam) and adding some spring water. Then they grill bamboo shoots on the charcoal fire. The moment the bamboo scorching is also the moment there is no more water. Then Laos people just leave it there and wait until sticky rice is ripe. When eating, people have to whittle the outer bamboo shell. The sticky rice now looks like a pipe, smells like bamboo. Visitors can use their hands directly to grab and eat this tasty speciality because the most wonderful thing is that Laos sticky rice is not viscous like other kinds of sticky rice. In addition, it is usually served with grilled chicken, braised fish, added some vegetables such as pumpkin and seasoning sauce.

Laos sticky rice is served with grilled chicken

Laos sticky rice is served with grilled chicken- source: internet

Vegetables peculiarly are boiled with original form, 20-30cm long, not cut into pieces like common processing. If tourists want to eat sticky rice in Lao style, they have to sit on wooden floor, put their hands in front of the chests and say “Pau-pai-di”  before eating. They have to eat by hands, grab all ingredients of dish then put them in their mouths by hands. Specially, Laos people turn their head upward and put long vegetables into throat.

The characteristic taste of sticky rice is softness and fragrance. At first glance, peole might feel that the sticky rice dish is dry, rigid and not ripe. However, only when eating, they can feel sweet, glutinous and slightly fat flavor as if it was added coconut water but actually not. All of them are mixed together to create exclusively delicious taste of sticky rice in Laos.

Laos sticky rice has exclusively delicious taste

Laos sticky rice has exclusively delicious taste- source: internet

Especially, alcohol made from Laos sticky rice is also really delicious. The grain of Laos sticky rice is still soft, and the same as the original appearance even undergoing through fermentation process. In addition, in the sweetness of the rice alcohol is the fatty taste of sticky rice, which is different from the rice alcohol which made from other normal sticky rice.

In Southeast Asia, in terms of food culture, rice is always the main food of the people living here. There is also no exception in Laos. If you come to the country of elephant, don’t forget to taste sticky rice and you will certainly enjoy this special traditional food of Laos.

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