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Top 6 beautiful places like Europe you must visit when traveling Thailand

Trying ferris wheel activity in Santorini Park in Thailand

Mimosa City Pattaya Located alongside the famous Pattaya city of Chonburi province, Thailand, Mimosa is designed in the heart of the city of love Colmar (France). Coming here, tourists will be wandering on the paved streets full of romantic, or watching the small canal bending between the campus full of flowers and bonsai, like in

5 Scenic Spots Can Not Be Missed When Traveling To Laos

Village homestay in Luang Namtha

Laos- a beautiful and peaceful country, enchanted with solemn pagodas, magnificent waterfalls, unique Buddha statues and friendly smiles. 10 Scenic Spots Can Not Be Missed When Traveling To Laos will list 10 highlight destinations to suggest for your Laos trip. For more information, you can click: Indochina tours Laos Bokeo Nature Reserve This place was

Where to go to see elephants in Laos

Shangri Lao Elephant Village

For many travelers, without meeting one of this country’s most famous residents – the Lao Elephant, a trip to Laos would not be complete. Even though it is not difficult to book a tour and get your elephant fix, it is not as simple as that if you are concerned with animal welfare. Tourism and

A visit to Elephant Village in Luang Prabang

Mahouts riding the elephants at the Elephant Village

Located on a well chosen spot in pure nature, in the middle of misty mountains nearby the river, about 15 km out of Luang Prabang on the bank of Nam Khan River, Elephant Village, which was formerly Elephant XL camp It is the first and only place like that in Laos offering Elephant interaction programs

Let’s explore the market in Yangon

seafood market in Yangon

Even though Yangon may not be a world-class shopping place, this city does have many shopping opportunities for travelers. Local markets are where the budget minded can find the best bargains. Like at these markets, when buying from street vendors, bargaining is also expected. But be aware that for travelers, the starting prices can be

A visit to Talat Sao Morning Market and Shopping Mall in Vientiane

Shopping in Talat Sao

All cities in Southeast Asia have a market that is a treasure trove of exotic bits and pieces; while Laos cannot compare with the markets in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Talaat Sao or the morning market in Vientiane offers a great deal of local offerings with the majority being the fabric-based types. For more information,

Cooking with Burmese locals – best way to know about Burmese food

Experience cooking with Burmese people

Unlike nearby Vietnam, Thailand and India – the cuisine has not caught on beyond its borders, Burmese food prepared by local restaurants or for locals can be a bit robust for the Western palate due to the questionable hygiene of some kitchens in a hot climate and the liberal use of shrimp paste in many

How to eat sticky rice in Laos

Sticky rice with grilled chicken and papaya salad

Sticky rice or glutinous rice is called ‘khao niew’ in Lao, with ‘khao’ means ‘rice’ and ‘niew’ means ‘sticky’. Sticky rice is the base of Laotians meals and is widely used in their diets with different variations. The rice is actually gluten free despite its name with ‘glutinous’ actually refers to the texture of the

Top Activities in Kampot, Laos

Getting Some Kampot’s Handicrafts

Stand-Up Paddle BoardingOriginated in Hawaii, this energetic water sport has quickly crossed to the waterways around Kampot and now becomes a popular pastime. Hospitable and professional guides will offer you an introduction to the sport, which is thought to be one of the best ways to discover the rural region of Cambodia and the beautiful

Top 5 shopping streets in Bangkok

Khao San Road

Bangkok is a famous shopping paradise in Asia which provide from high-end items to cheap handicrafts. Hereunder are five recommended shopping areas which are appropriate for tourists to buy presents for family, friends,… and especially the shoppers. Indochina travel Thailand Khao San Road This is one of the most famous streets in Southeast Asia, also