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Inle Lake travel guide

Best time to visit Inle Lake
Not only for the scenic places around, but also for the romance and cultural reserved beauty, Inle Lake should always be at the top of best destinations to visit in Myanmar. This poetic place in Myanmar will give you the once-of-a-lifetime experiences. Travel Indochina Myanmar
Best time to visit Inle Lake

Best time to visit Inle Lake

Best time to visit Inle Lake- source: internet

Like other destinations in Myanmar, Inle Lake also has two seasons: dry season (from October to April of the next year) and rainy season (from May to September). The annual average temperature of 26 degree Celcius but it can reach as high as 30 degree Celcius in May and slightly fall in January. Vietnam tour online

Thanks to dry weather, less rain and a lot of interesting festivals, September and October are considered as the most pleasant time to visit Inle Lake. If you visit Inle Lake during the rainy season, you should prepare carefully for your package tour as rhe average rainfall in Myanmar is estimated to be about 1370mm every year.

How to travel from Yangon to Inle Lake

It is a 7-9 hour private taxi ride between Yangon and Inle Lake. But there are many other options to travel on the popular tourist route from Yangon to Inle Lake.

Bus between Yangon an Inle Lake

Bus between Yangon an Inle Lake- source: internet

By train

A train journey is slow, long and uncomfortable, so it is the least recommended way to go. For those who really want to have the train experience, doing only the Kalaw-Inle Lake section, which is already a bumpy 5 hour ride, is not a bad idea.

By bus

A VIP bus ride, which is comfortable and budget friendly, is considered as the best way to travel. An overnight bus ride from Yangon to Inle Lake with a leather reclining seat with a blanket provided costs you approximately $18 and takes 10 hours.

By flight

It is the fastest as well as the most expensive way to get from Yangon to Inle Lake. To get to Inle Lake from Yangon, you have to fly to Heho, the local airport for Inle Lake. Flight time is about 1.5 hours without the time you need to get to these airports.

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