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10 reasons why visiting Laos is popular

Kuang Si Waterfall
Despite being a small country in Southeast Asia, Laos still attracts many visitors with its own distinctive features. Today, Laos tourism has become an ideal destination for many travelers because this land owning many unique architecture and pretty natural scenery. Let’s find out reasons why you will love traveling in Laos below: Travel to Laos with: Travel Indochina Laos

  1. The food is delicious, diverse

The highlight of Laos food is freshness. Dishes are simple but the flavor is still very rich, different. You can taste such outstanding dishes such as: Papaya Salad, Laotian Pho, Salad Leaf… Due to the influence of French cuisine during the past war, Laos food is usually combined with bread. Finally, the taste of popular Lao beer must be mentioned. Lao beer is highly appreciated by many people. It is a big reason attracting more and more visitors to Laos. A great suggestion for you is to drink Lao beer while watching sunset on Mekong River. This will be an unforgettable experience.

Laos food is delicious, diverse

Laos food is delicious, diverse – source: internet

  1. The people are kind and friendly

People here are really kind and friendly, which is another reason why visiting Laos is more popular. There are few places in the world where local people are happy to welcome you as in Laos. Many visitors come to the same conclusion that Laotians are very enthusiastic and comfortable, they can bring you peace of mind and many laughter. So, do not be surprised to be invited by a good Laotian to share stories, a cup of hot tea or a glass of rice wine.

  1. The scenery is peaceful and beautiful

You will definitely be fascinated by the beauty of the meandering Mekong River, flowing through the lush green forests and impressive limestone mountains. Besides, Laos also has a system of caves and majestic waterfalls as well as terraced fields. The beauty of nature will bring you comfort and peace.

Beautiful scenery in Laos

Beautiful scenery in Laos – source: internet

  1. Life on the Mekong

Laos is not contiguous to the sea so Mekong River is always considered the soul of the country. There are many small villages next to Mekong River, where the lives of the people of Laos take place daily. Peaceful and warm life, they are like a big family always connecting and supporting each other.

Life on Mekong River

Life on Mekong River -source: internet

  1. Glorious temples

The temples in Laos are not as big as in neighboring countries, but they all have very unique and innovative designs. No wonder why ancient temples make Laos more popular. If you are interested in exploring the spiritual world, then try to visit Luang Prabang, you will have a lot of surprises. Laos travel guide

Glorious temples in Laos

Glorious temples in Laos – source: internet

  1. Ideal place to do adventure activities

Visitors have a lot of reasons to travel Laos if they want adventure sports. There are plenty of exploring options by popular activities for adventure-seekers, including rock climbing, boating, biking and more… With fantastic experience mountain biking through the trails, you will have the opportunity to discover secluded waterfalls, lush green lagoons, and villages inhabited by ethnic minorities, with unique and interesting culture.

  1. Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang is a monumental gilded stupa in the beautiful capital of Vientiane, an important relic and the great pride for the people of “the land of elephants.”  It is the most popular tourist attraction of Laos. Built on an old Khmer temple in the 16th century, despite experiencing many ups and downs of history, Phat That Luang has always kept the beauty of subtlety and multi architecture holding back many visitors in Laos.

Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang – source: internet

  1. Serene Vang Vieng Town:

Vang Vieng is a small mountain town located on Nam Song River. With adjacent charming river and fresh, cool climate, Vang Vieng makes visitors feel peaceful and relaxed. Though there is no monumental building, attractive tourist destination…, Vang Vieng is the reason why more visistors coming here every year than the number of people living in this small town.

  1. Kuang Si Waterfall

Kuang Si is a complex of three waterfalls, of which the main waterfall is about 60m high. Being one of the most exciting reasons for Lao tourism, visitors not only have chance to explore mountains and forests, but also enjoy climbing and bathing. In the fresh air of Kuang Si, tourists can also hear the birds singing together with water flowing sound as beautiful harmony.

Kuang Si Waterfall

Kuang Si Waterfall – source: internet

  1. Plain of jars

Located 30 km from Phonsavanh Town, administrative center of  Xieng Khouang Province, famous Plain of jars is situated on a land which is tens of hectares large. However, due to being affected by landmines left over after Indochina War, only a part of the plain is revealed accessible to visitors. Found by scientists more than a century ago, but the birth and use of these jars are still a mystery until now.

Plain of Jars in Phonsavanh

Plain of Jars in Phonsavanh – source: internet

For many travelers who intend to travel Southeast Asian countries, Laos may not be the first place they plan to visit, but when they choose to travel here, beautiful Laos will bring you many surprises. 10 reasons why visiting Laos is popular above are just some of amazement for you in the journey of exploring Laos.

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