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How to get Chiang Mai from Luang Prabang

Tuk tuk- a kind of taxi in ThailandTuk tuk- a kind of taxi in Thailand

Our boat was scheduled to leave at 8:30am but we didn’t pull out until about 8:50am. Luckily for us the boat wasn’t full, as it’s common for these boats to be crammed with people and cargo alike. There was sufficient room for everyone to feel comfortable. Travel Indochina and Laos Border Crossing The other side

Bus from Vientiane to Hanoi, things to do in Vientiane, Laos

Buddha statues without heads in Sisaket pagoda

In the last post, i showed you what to do in Phnom Penh. You have already got useful tips for your tour in Cambodia. Today, we will visit Laos. Lao is Cambodia and Vietnam’s neighbor. Our destination is Vientiane, we will find out things to do in Vientiane and then we will come back Hanoi