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How to eat sticky rice in Laos

Sticky rice with grilled chicken and papaya salad

Sticky rice or glutinous rice is called ‘khao niew’ in Lao, with ‘khao’ means ‘rice’ and ‘niew’ means ‘sticky’. Sticky rice is the base of Laotians meals and is widely used in their diets with different variations. The rice is actually gluten free despite its name with ‘glutinous’ actually refers to the texture of the

The Elephant Festival

The Elephant Festival

Launched in 2007 in the province of Sayabouly, the elephant annual festival attracts more than 80.0000 fans. This festival is organized to pay tribute to the elephant but also to raise awareness the need to protect the Asian elephant who plays a key role in the livelihoods, culture and Lao heritage, but which is nowadays