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What you need to know about shopping in Laos


Laos is such an ideal place for those who are interested in purchasing elaborate handicrafts. Dominating the market are arts, crafts, hill-tribe silks, jewellery, home-furnishings as well as couture quality textiles. You are invariably helping to support a still-growing and fragile economy by buying traditional crafts such as carvings and silks. You can see: Indochina

Things to do with kids in Siem Reap

Ta Prohm with kids

May be the most famous for being a mecca for backpackers, Siem Reap is just as much an educational and fantastic spot to visit with your kids if they dream of stepping into the shoes of the adventurous jungle discoverers. Siem Reap, as the gateway to one of the most important archaeological sites in the

3 days wandering the land of million elephants

The picturesque landscape of Si Phan Don archipelago

Laos, a beautiful country in the Indochinese Peninsula, is also called as the land of million elephants. This country is very famous for the mighty plateaus and the immense fields. If you want to travel somewhere to find the peace in soul or challenge yourselves with the interesting experience, let you come to The land