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Green rice fields – exceptional scenery to remember in Laos

Laos’ green fields - exceptional scenery to remember

In spite of not being typical like the terraced fields in Sapa in the Northern Vietnam, those in Laos still have their own charms. Do you want to feast your own eyes with all these beautiful green rice paddies in this land of a million elephants and jump into the fields? Why don’t you hesitate

Some homestay in Thailand

Oon Lee makes you feel like at home

Oon Lee Bungalows, Koh JumRun by a Thai and French couple – a Frenchwoman and her Thai husband, the gorgeous homely little Oon Lee Bungalows, which are set on a hill in a lush tropical garden, on the Koh Jum Island, blend in with the forest and peer over the sea. Classic Thailand In spite

Luang Prabang Night Market Will Ignite Your Day!

Some textiles for sale at Luang Prabang night market

It’s just something not to be missed completely when you come to visit this appealing city. Luang Prabang night market was filled with beautiful smiles, sweet chatters and irresistibly flavourful aroma of meat cooking in the alleyways. It’s one of the biggest tourist markets where you can search for the best souvenir as you return

Inle Lake travel guide

Best time to visit Inle Lake

Not only for the scenic places around, but also for the romance and cultural reserved beauty, Inle Lake should always be at the top of best destinations to visit in Myanmar. This poetic place in Myanmar will give you the once-of-a-lifetime experiences. Travel Indochina Myanmar Best time to visit Inle Lake Like other destinations in

Reasons Why Travel Luang Prabang In September

Giving alms in Luang Prabang

If you are planning to do a trip to Southeast Asia and a few options show up in your head. Bangkok always get car jammed? Siem Reap is always crowded tourists? Kuala Lumpur is mainly a shopping center? So do not hesitate, go to the ancient capital of Luang Prabang – a city in the

Where to go in Vietnam in September

Hanoi in September

It can be said that Vietnam is a stunning country to visit at any time, however, if you are wondering about the best time to visit Vietnam, I will suggest September, when Vietnam welcomes not many travelers. Hereunder are some of the best places to visit in Vietnam in September. Travel Vietnam in September with:

Northern Thai Dishes To Try

Naam Prik Noom

Indicative of the region’s seasonal and relatively cool climate, Northern Thai food is a world away from the dishes you have probably had at your local Thai restaurant at home – or even in Thailand’s capital city. Indochina travel Thailand Appetizers Nam Prik Ong (Spicy Tomato And Pork Chili Dip) Made with ground pork, shrimp,

Some famous pagoda in Laos

Wat Sisaket in the sunset

Angkor Wat Sisaket Pagoda Traveling to Laos, especially Vientiane, tourists can’t miss Wat Sisaket Pagoda. This structure still remains more than 10 Buddha statues in a lot of size and shape. Moreover, this destination is also a special library which consists of hundreds of ancient books which were written by hand on leaves. Wat Siseket

How to travel from Yangon to Inle Lake

Yangon to Inle Lake by train

“How far is it from Yangon to Inle Lake” and “How to travel between these two destinations” are the two most common questions of those who are planning to visit them. Indochina tours Myanamar How far is it from Yangon to Inle Lake? The answer is different depending on what means of transport you choose


Laos’ traditional clothes in wedding

Traditional costume not only represents cultural beauty of each country, but also the symbol enhancing beauty of local people. Nowadays, Western clothes are more comfortable and convenient. Therefore, people usually wear modern clothes in daily life. However, traditional clothes are still favorite costumes of Southeast Asian in festive seasons. This article would introduce traditional clothes